The different types of controls available on these actuators are:-


 (A) Hardware Control (UEC-3)


 (B) 2 Wire Control (UEC-3 DDC)


 (C) Positioner

  • UEC-3 MPC
  • MOD- 20 II
  • MJ- 70



Main Features of Control Systems:


  • Jammed Valve Protection
  • Jammed Valve Auto Forward / Reverse Sequence
  • Anti – Torque Switch Hammer Protection
  • Opto- Isolation of inputs
  • Monitor Relay
  • Internal 24 Volts d.c. Control Supply Output
  • 24-125v a.c. or d.c. Control supply inputs
  • Instantaneous Reversal
  • Local Direction Indication on Pushbutton Station
  • Lost Phase Protection
  • Selectable Phase Discriminator / Auto Phase Correction
  • Yellow LED indicates Phases Correctly Connected
  • Red LED Indicates all phase present
  • Sleectable Two, ThreeInterlock / Inhibit Circuits
  • Slelctable Open or Close on Emergency Shut Down
  • Selectable Stay-put on emergency Motoe Thermostat
  • Selectable position or Torque seating
  • Slectable Clockwise / Counter Clockwise Motion
  • Varriable Duty Cycle (2 speed timer) in Both Directions
  • Simplified wiring Schematics
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Port