2 Wire Control (UEC -3 DDC)

Limitorque India provide an intelligent and sophisticated control system for its actuators to increase profitability, reliability and smooth operating.

The DDC-100 system offer two-wire, microprocessor- based control and monitoring of a variety of devices through the use of field  based analog and digital I/O.  This fast and flexible network is also designed for collection of field analog and digital data to support several industry standard network protocols, including BITBUS® and Modbus®. All data transmission is fault tolerant and fully redundant. A choice of high – security and noise – resistant  transmission media – twisted pair or fiber optic – are included.


Limitorque two – wire network can control and monitor up to 250 field units. The field units also provide for the collection of analog and digital data from switches, sensors, and transmitters. These field units, mounted within each actuator or sepreate enclosure, provide a comprehensive list of capabilities.

  • Immediate Costs Reductions on installation and expansions, compare to multicore cabling, add up to lower initial investment and faster payback.
  • Expanded Visibility of processing, servicing, and maintenance information. Reduces downtime, MTTR and operational costs, Productivity and MTBF is increased.
  • Wide-open Connectivity easily accommodates a host of existing or proposed supervisory systems as well as adapting to future changes. Open protocols and non-proprietary electrical standards broaden connection possibilities to include devices from other manufacturers.
  • Modbus Protocol Coupled with RS-485 permits direct connection of field units to most supervisory systems, without the need for a master station.
  • Advanced Field Unit Circuitry handles up to 250 devices over an area of 200km without the need for repeaters.
  • Proven Reliability of system components decreases risks and ensures that system start up is simple and the long expectations.
  • System Baud Rates up to 62.5 kb minimize device command and respose times to maintain communication and efficiency regardless of loop length, wire size and number of field units.
  • Diagnostic and Configuration Software which is “password” protected and PC- based, ensures security and facilitates system commissioning.
  • “Hot Standby” Redundancy for full system back up permits continuous communication with all field devices should a master station fail or aa network fault occur.
  • Configuration Flexibility for Master station and field units maximizes data transfer and minimizes information update and field device command
  • Actuators Function Normally under local control in the event of a network or field unit communications failure.
  • More Choices: Modbus®, or Data Highway +® host communications over either RS-485 or RS-232 supervisory cummunications link+ Flexibility.